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FASOTEC-JIANGDA's management philosophy


FASOTEC-JIANGDA's background

 "New System Jiangda Technology (Shanghai)" was established as in August, 2004
to offer a SW/HW product mainly on 2D / 3D CAD/CAM and service to the Japanese-car-related company which went into China.
NSJIANGDA repeated an effort to be able to offer CAD/CAM of high quality and the digital service that these visitors demanded
and developed to the company comprising the latest technology.

In April, 2008, Fasotec that the evaluation is high by technical service of 3DCAD CATIA(R) succeeds to a business of NSJIANGDA from Sumitomo Corporation in Japan.
Jointed management with JIANGDA group in China, started "FASOTEC-JIANGDA (Chinese name is 「江達発索科技(上海)有限公司」).
FASOTEC-JIANGDA succeeds to the past results in the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM application system and loud technology mainly on a product of Dassault systèmes company.
Fixing the backup system of the 3D technology of FASOTEC Co., Ltd. and contribute to "the manufacturing" by the most suitable digital technology.
The 3D technical service of FASOTEC which greeted establishment of a business 26 years has high trust and evaluation from a visitor more than 200 companies in Japan including Toyota Motor Corporation / Honda Tochigi research institute Co., Ltd.
In the joint management partner JIANGDA group of China side setting up the main office in Beijing / Shanghai, there is business with visitors more than 300 of the Chinese inside and outside the country mainly on a product of Dassault systems Corporation in 3DCAD/CAM technology.
FASOTEC-JIANGDA that perform technological assistance by joint management offers engineering and the latest solution service to the visitor.
When, in an occasion having a problem with SW/HW of the design and fabrication system, and new introduction is examined 、
We ask to have you appoint FASOTEC-JIANGDA .

By the 3D digital technology of FASOTEC Co., Ltd and JIANGDA group, we offer the high quality service that do not change of Japan to the visitor of the Japanese-production company in China..

Through everyday duties (suggestion / an estimate / an order / the delivery / maintenance), We offer the service that is easy to understand by Japanese and Chinese.

From sale of SW of CAD/CAM to sale of HW of the related communication / computer, and construction / the maintenance of the general network, We offer wide information and communication service.


Company name Chinese name/English name

江達発索科技(上海)有限公司 / Fasotec Jiangda Co.,Ltd




【The main office】 Shanghai 【The office】 Shanghai/Guangzhou/Tianjin 

Number of employees

33 people(18 technical people)

Duties contents

Dynavista、Cadmeister、Eng service
Hold the customer more than50 companies(A car / a machine / electricity)

Shanghai company

509 Room No1. building, #79 Aona road Waigaoqiao Bonded area Shanghai

Shanghai office

Zip code: 200050
17B Zhao Feng World Trade Building,369 Jiangsu Road, Shanghai China (Exit 4 at Jiangsu Road Station of Metro Line 2)
TEL:021-6226-0202    FAX:021-6226-0501

Guangzhou office

Zip code: 510610
2006 Room Renfeng Building, #490 Tianhe Road Tianhe District Guangzhou
TEL:020-3888-6209    FAX:020-3888-6207

Tianjin office

Zip code: 300061
402 Room A1 Building, #17 Shunchi Century city(SOHO) Heniucheng Road Hexi District Tianjin
TEL:022-8829-8515    FAX:022-8829-8516

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I succeeded the Fasotec Jiangda chairman position from Mr. Shigeru Nagami, chairman of the board of Fasotec Co. Ltd, which has been developing for 25 years as one of the solution provider which bring an innovation to Japanese manufacturing industry.


‘Fasotec’ can provide its know-how to ‘Fasotec-Jiangda’ in the field of Solution Development at manufacturer’s site. ‘GODO Solution’, one of the Fasotec Group companies, can provide the know-how of 2D Die Mold technology development and Software sales. ‘Fasotec Consulting Co., Ltd.’, one of the Fasotec Group companies, can provide the know-how of process development.


‘Fasotec Jiangda’ has the business experience with over 50 Japanese major manufacturing firms such as Toyota Group Suppliers, Honda Group Suppliers and Toshiba as a result of a great technical support from ‘Jiangda’ which is the leading 3D CAD technology company in China.


We will develop the resources of ‘Fasotec Jiangda’ and provide the Fasotec level of Service in China in order that all Japanese companies in China can feel satisfied with our service.


Chairman of the Board Akira Shiraishi (Member of the Board, Fasotec Co., Ltd)

Main client/Group companies
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