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2008.4.21FASOTEC-JIANGDA Co., Ltd. starts formally

  "A ratification paper" of FASOTEC-JIANGDA Co., Ltd. was accepted on April 9 by the Chinese government, and "a business authorization" was published on April 21.
  We received commercial rights with all employees of NS JIANGDA company, and business was started formally by this.
  The logo mark of the new company used "J" of JIANGDA and "F" of FASOTEC, expressed China and Japanese two countries by "the streamflow" that was a meaning of JIANGDA.
  Taking the support of the JIANGDA group and backup of FASOTEC Co., Ltd.,till now, for customers more than 50, all employees started project to be able to have the trust that was higher than on technology / service side.

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2,008.4.19 Introduced FASOTEC-JIANGDA Co., Ltd. to FASOTEC group.

  In "a kickoff meeting" of annual Fasotec group performed on April 19、For an employee of participation more than 200、 Haga General manager talked about the process of the start of FASOTEC-JIANGDA Co., Ltd., and requested the cooperation of unification. 
Terashima vice-general manager explained the management plan at the trend of the auto industry in China and our organization system / middle, and future possibility and introduced future possibility and feeling of in the business expectation.
  Nagami chairman requested the solidarity of all Fasotec group employees for the future of the China market and the accomplishment of the management plan .
  In addition, at the social gathering after a meeting, the introduction of 12 university graduate new employees of this year was performed.


2008.4.18 Nagami chairman was commended as Chiba technology person who has rendered distinguished services in 2007.

  On April 18, Nagami chairman received commendation as the technology person who has rendered distinguished services of this year from governor Domoto of Chiba who represented 6,000,000 citizens in the Chiba prefectural office .
  It lasts for 25 years from the FASOTEC Co., Ltd start, The contribution of the field of technology was evaluated depends on development of a digital technology and a member of industry and Chiba industry person club company, many activity in Chiba Sangyo Shinko center, a part-time teacher of Chiba Institute of Technology .
  Nagami chairman as "a certified engineer of the field of machine" that is the Japanese best technical qualification, teach a young engineer about the highest technology for many years, find the interval of busy duties and continue now.

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