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In the input of the following personal information, we have you read our "privacy policy" carefully,
and please input after it was agreed by all means.

We try to reply it as possible immediately, but possible need some time . Please understand it

According to content, also has possibility telephone communication.

We decline reproduction and the second use of a part or all of an answer from our company

As a result of the mobile telephone's number of words's limit, causes us to be unable to reply
that your question.

please do not use the e-mail address of the mobile telephone, thanks your cooperation. 。

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Privacy policy

【Notation based on the Personal Information Protection Law】

We manage the personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law. Please
transmit a message after reading follows.

The use purpose of the personal information: For an answer to the inquiry contents.

We do not use the personal information other than the purpose without the agreement of the person

For information does not leak out, We take measures,not only the employee but also a trust supplier
supervises it.

We do not offer information to the third person without obtaining the person himself's consent.

We meet a demand of the person himself and disclose information.

When shown personal information is different from a fact, We accept a correction and deletion.

For a complaint about the handling of the personal information, I deal with appropriate
and swiftness.。

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Shanghai main office: TEL:86-21-52281801-102 FAX: 86-21-52281802
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